Xia Xia Rio De Trio Village Review

Xia xia, the newest toy sensations leaving the shelves faster than you can say Xia Xia is here. Brought to you by Cepia, the company that have produced many of the number one selling toys, including Go Go Hampsters.

So hopefully by now you have seen the Xia Xia family, Turks, Bimini, Tobago and  Trinidad.


But now I want to introduce you to another Xia Xia item, this item is for your Xia Xia friends to live in and have fun in, welcome to the Xia Xia Rio De Trio Village.

The set comes complete with three rooms, hence the “Trio”. Each room can hold up to two Xia Xia ‘s and the main room located in the middle can hold up to four. The Xia Xia’s can then run around there habitat freely, running around like the crazy little hermit crabs they are. Kids will find this great fun watching their favourite Xia Xia character running around, going into each other little houses. With more than one Xia Xia let loose then the fun really begins.


The Rio De Trio Village is simple and in my opinion that is a good thing. The simple detail allows the craps to have very easy movement, allowing them to crawl freely and provide your little one with hours of fun.




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Xia Xia Hermit Crabs

Xia-Xia Pets – The Hermit Crab set that is selling every 7 SECONDS within the United States

Christmas is with us once again, your kids are quickly creating their  Christmas lists. So lets begin by giving the  parents a heads up, Xia-Xia Hermit Crabs are going to be right at the top of the list!!

As this cute plastic crustacean has taken the United States by storm, with one Xia Xia Pet  selling every 7 seconds.

With its official release due in Great Britain at the beginning of 2012, , parents are having to frantically try to purchase the toy online, so there children can have them for the big day on December 25th.

The huge demand from customers has had to force some parents to pay well over the retail selling price in order to get hold of the Cute Hermit Crab.

Xia-Xia, manufactured by the company Cepia – the firm behind this year’s big toy Go Go Hamsters, has destroyed its predecessor record by selling 20 percent faster.

With the names Turks, Bimini, Tobago and Trinidad , Cepia has described the vibrant hermit crab toy as: ‘Pitter-pattering Skitter-scattering,loveable, crazy crabs with shells and kooky buddies to gather and trade.

Kids discover the hermit crabs appealing for numerous reasons, including their colourful shells, tropical habitats and silly crawl.’

The toys have been placed on Toys R Us 2011 Holiday Hot Toy List.

Get Your Xia Xia Hermit Crab Now At Amazon.com


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Xia Xia Pets: This Years Must Have Toy!

Christmas is just around the corner and everybody is definitely looking for the latest best toy available on the market. Cepia LLc might have exactly that toy. Cepia is the organization who launched the zhu zhu pets last year, and produced a nightmare for moms and dads who had to pay well over the retail value on ebay for the toys to be under the tree on Christmas morning.

The completely new Xia Xia Pets will defiantly have all the children having a great time. This brand new toy really is a exciting little hermit crab with moveable parts. Right now you will discover four distinctive brand new buddies to pick from. You have Turks and Bimini for the little girls and Trinidad and Tobago for your little young boys. These extremely cute little crabs can provide your young ones or your grandchildren hours of fun.


These Xia Xia pets can be found individually or can be bought like a package deal. The youngsters will cherish them simply because of they’re vivid and bright colours and the supplied additional shells.


These little pets will make great gifts. Each little crab is vibrantly coloured and can catch the attention of your children. Each crabs face is extremely adorable, so much in fact that nobody will have the ability to resist attempting to have one for their own pet. Just about all children find real hermit crabs irresistible as she or he won’t also wish to put this new little playful crab down.


The title is a touch different but that only increases the great thing about the brand new pet. The title is typed Xia Xia but it’s pronounced Sha-Sha. The kids will like saying the title while having fun with their new friend. If you purchase these for the children they might be the first inside your circle of buddies to possess them. Your children will be the envy of their friends


Along with the crabs and collectible shells, you will also find three different habitat playsets. The confetti cottage is really a cute home which may also be used like a transporting device so your kids may bring their electronic buddies together everywhere. Ri De Trio village play set includes three different rooms in which the crabs can enjoy. The final play set is the Copacabana play set, inspired through the Brazilian lifestyle. The Xia Xia pets slide and scurry to their heart’s content. Probably the most interesting part is the playsets can be connected together to produce a beautiful and different world.

Meet the Xia Xia Hermit Crab Family Here! – Watch the guys in Action

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Hermit Crabs Turks Figure – Xia Xia Pets

These amazing figures are likely to go ahead and take toy world by storm, and Xia Xia Pets Hermit Crab Turks will probably be the most popular, together with her vibrant pink and red-colored shell, plus her bows that make her look even more fabulous.


They will function as the Christmas list must have for kids, because they are so unusual, and because they are pretty affordable they’ll be bought in large amounts, as when they’re all placed together they’ll look spectacular, with them all moving and dancing together. There little crab walk is just adorable.



All of them include their very own special friend, and you will find several single crab shells that are being sold individually, and inside each one of the shells you will find 2 surprises to increase the gathering.


Initially you will find 4 figures available, but undoubtedly you will more added prior to the holidays, as they’ll be much sought after.




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Xia Xia Pets – See The Crabs In Action

 Xia-Xia are  pitter-pattering,skitter-scattering, very loveable, crazy little crabs with shells and lovely kooky friends to trade and collec.  Four  Crabs: Turks, Bimini, Tobago and  Trinidad. Twelve  shells for trading Kooky friends, too 3 colorful playsets Xia-Xia.

Get Them All At  Amazon.com

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Xia-Xia the crab set to be children’s Christmas favourite

Parents should expect to see the name Xia-Xia on the top of their children’s Christmas list this year, as industry experts anticipate the tiny plastic crab to be the year’s most wanted gift.

The brightly coloured crabs have just gone on sale in the US and are proving to be a popular choice as one is sold every seven seconds.

The cute crustaceans Xia-Xia (pronounced Shah-Shah) were scheduled to arrive in Britain early next year but their popularity has made parents resort to ordering the toys online, in time for Christmas.

Some parents have had to shell out double the price for the single £8 toy as many US stores are running out of stock.

Toy manufacture, Cepia describes the hermit crab range as: ‘Little, silly crabs that love to dance and play. Xia-Xia’s are available in four different colourful, collectible hermit crabs, each with their own personality.

‘Kids find the hermit crabs appealing for numerous reasons, including their colourful shells, tropical habitats and silly crawl.’

One of the crabs included in the set is Bimini who appears in purple and pink polka dot and stripes. She is joined by three other characters in a variety of bold colours, each with 12 changeable shells with an extra mini-toy inside.


Xia-Xia’s marine home play sets


Cepia are hoping for Xia-Xia’s to be a top toy just as Go Go Hamsters were when they were launched them back in 2009. Figures are already showing Xia-Xia toys are selling 20% faster than its furry predecessor.

Since the toys have been flying off the shelves, Toys ‘R Us added Xia-Xia to its 2011 Holiday Hot Toy List . Due to its popularity, distributor Character Options has booked an air freight delivery of 150,000 of them into the UK to arrive before Christmas.

Paul Mitchell, spokesperson for Toys ‘R Us said: “If the last few days in the US are anything to go by, Xia-Xia is going to be the big hit this Christmas.”

But with only 150,000  going on sale over here in the UK there are fears some kids could be left disappointed on Christmas morning.

Will you be buying a Xia-Xia for Christmas? What was your most wanted Christmas toy?

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Xia-Xia Pets

Here you are , the place where by each day is Carnival with Xia-XiaTM (pronounced Sha-Sha); all new vibrant, collectible hermit crabs. Coming from a faraway island, these silly crustaceans live life to dance and play because each day is really a special event with Xia-Xia! Begin the parade by pressing Xia-Xias claw and observe it do its goofy walk. Four loveable characters, each with their very own little pal, compose the Xia-Xia crew and get hold of all of them!

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